Saturday, September 25, 2010

Nathan Burgess: Pib

Just a quick note here: recently got an email from Nathan Burgess that Good In Theory, the webcomic he's done with Noah Edberg for around five years, has officially ground to a halt. But that's okay, since the new one is just as good (in theory): Pib (with Joel Dryden) is updated Mondays and Fridays with bonus bloggy bits and twitters too. Check it out and add it to the surfing roster. And it's not called "Poop In Bed" either, because that's immature, unsophisticated, and just not the image he wants to promote. Now attending the Art Institute of Seattle there will probably be some exciting new stylistic influences and different directions sneaking in to his work, Good luck on the new venture, and here's hoping some collected works will be available sooner than later in book form. Hint, hint.

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