Saturday, September 25, 2010

God-Man on Boing Boing

As another quick side-note, I really like that one of my favorite daily site reads, Boing Boing, is running a weekly cartoon feature drawn by one of my favorite artists, Ruben Bolling. Also creator of "Tom the Dancing Bug," Bolling's work is one of the few alt-editorial cartoonists whose sarcasm is spot-on and hilarious.
It also brings up an interesting observation on the wholesale failure of contemporary cartoonists in linking up with successful internet publications: given the atrophying relevance of syndicated material in print, there are, or should be, potential opportunities for exclusive partnerships with prominent websites. Call it modern patronage, this works both ways as it would be mutually beneficial for both parties, and would help promote cartoonists who are lost amidst the background noise of the tubes.

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