Sunday, August 15, 2010

"The Wilson 500"

In all honesty one has to applaud the pot-stirring of the Tea Party: even if I'll always shake my head at their notable and conspicuous absence of patriotic activism while enduring the legacy of the Bush administration, the sound and fury emanating from this newfound uprising of political populism guarantees good grist for the mill. And although this panel could be taken "both ways" ie doesn't particularly foment opinion either way aside from the "endless emissions" poke, we really shouldn't pick on Wilson so hard: after all, she went to bat for the cheese, which nothing less than I'd expect from Alaska's next governor Fairbank's next mayor. Anything to keep the Carhardt-clad jack-booted thugs from clamping the evil iron collar of socialism around our necks.

Seeing as how the reflexive community opposition to this issue attracts inevitable and immediate knee-jerk outcry, especially the virtual transfer-site outbreaks of on-line comment-mobbing, so it reflects a truly bizarre obsession with this hot-button topic in the Interior. Relatedly, one of my editors recently broached the subject of including a clearer contact/credit tag in my panels, in part not only to shunt anticipated "blow-back" about some of my cartoons back to me, but also because some folks think my signature reads "Sarah Palin" - no, really. Crap, and here I've labored for over thirty years to perfect a stylishly illegible signature. Even still, can't pass up an opportunity to hoist the flag a bit higher while addressing a technicality that's been bugging me: the proper display of copyright the in sequence is "symbol/year/creator's name" - not the blog address, as has been erroneously been being used for 2010. It's always in the fine print.

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