Tuesday, January 12, 2010

"Good Fences"

The adventures of North Pole Representative Tammie Wilson seem like a potentially rich vein of local politics to mine: after recently losing a tight race for Fairbanks North Star Borough mayor, she was anointed by fellow conservatives and plucked from the Borough Assembly to replace John Coghill, who vacated his position after being tapped for the Senate. By the way - we do have elections and actually elect people around here - this strategic fairy-tale ascension is beautifully caricatured below by Dan Darrow.

In the meantime, reminiscent of the ankle-biters that tormented The Quitter out of office, it seems her folksy approach to fence construction has run afoul of the authorities. This ongoing spat with property rights has all the makings of a feud that will no doubt endear her to the foes of a repressive, intrusive government. Conflicts between zoning ordinances and the omnipresent junkyards of Alaskan homesteads is a hallmark of the Northernmost reach of Appalachia... at least during the months everything ain't covered with snow. Besides, I'm bettin' she's gunna be all about buildin' bridges.

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