Friday, July 30, 2010

Three Panel Jam

Some of the students develop the dreaded square-wheel syndrome and begin to draw literal blanks when having to come up with ideas for the strips portion of the class. This quick exercise is another extension of the cartoon jams: this time each student draws the opening scene from one of their strips, which is passed off to a second person to continue and then lastly a third student brings the unfolding narrative to a resolution. Maybe.

The exercise also plants a seed for the continual in-class resource we have on hand, namely each other: again, building off the cartoon jams we occasionally have, it serves to remind us that help is only a matter passing over the sheet of paper and getting a totally new and unexpected perspective on things. Sometimes way unexpected.

 Like I said in class... some nights I'm just not sure who should seek professional counseling, me or them. On the other hand, drawing comics actually makes for pretty good therapy.

“Every drop of ink in my pen ran cold.” - Horace Walpole

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