Saturday, July 31, 2010


One of the numerous impromptu exercises to grease the ol' brain skids: this time students knock out a simple 5-panel page of just inked panel borders and narration. After passing over to a different person, images are added and we look at the relationship (if any) between the juxtaposition of image + text.

Sometimes the literally illustrative deadpan is infinitely more amusing than any formulaic gag approach. Spontaneous non-sequiturs are often even funnier, and this free-flowing, random approach is the tip of the iceberg that drifts around my own head while trawling the depths of inspiration. Just putting pencil to pare is the underlying, key element: can't possibly count up all the endless hours I've mentally slipped out of gear when it would have been far more productive to remember to doodle it out instead.

“Let there be gall enough in thy ink; though thou write with a goose-pen, 
no matter.” - William Shakespeare

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