Friday, May 7, 2010

Kablooey Update

 Some super nice coverage in anticipation of tomorrow's Kablooey II event in the Fairbanks Daily News-Miner (on-line article link here). 

The Comics Shop's "Free Comic Book Day" was an unprecedented success last weekend as far as turnout (very cool), and so there wasn't quite as many donations as last year's gig - but that's totally okay since we'll ramp up the activities from the in-house "real live cartoonists" (eight definite confirmations + several definite maybe's). We'll also offer a lot of our own "free-comics" coupons from Forget-Me-Not Books - the store that fronts and funds efforts of the Literacy Council of Alaska - and slash some stock in a sale to compensate. Plus some of the left-overs from this year's "Guys Read" program might now also get chipped in! And if all that wasn't enough, loads of rice-krispy treats!!!

Ostensibly the ulterior motive behind the entire event is to promote awareness of not only using comics as an alternative to traditional literacy tools but to also increase the visibility of the Literacy Council of Alaska. So to that end it's a spiffy coup to get totally plastered across the front page of the "Latitude 65" Friday insert, the Arts & Entertainment section which also is additionally distributed as a free stand-alone publication throughout the entire city. And a bonus shot on the Comics Reporter! Already getting feedback from folks on the media blitz, so okay, now I'm nervous.
Stay 'tooned...

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