Wednesday, April 28, 2010


Time once again to rally the funny troops and throw another Cartoon Kablooey
Last year's event at the Literacy Council of Alaska went so well (link to 2009 + backstory here) we're now hosting a second annual artistic extravaganza. Along with the usual cast of characters doing demos, they'll be some activities - the Don Martin sound effect exercises will probably show up - and once again free comic books are also being generously donated by the Comic Shop. Looking forward to subversively enticing youngsters into more reading (and drawing), plus another opportunity to hang out with some of the amazing folks that create comic works from around Interior Alaska. Here's the official press release for the gig:
The Literacy Council of Alaska is throwing their second annual “Big Cartoon Kablooey: KABLOOEY II” !!!
Comics are a great way to encourage reading - join News-Miner cartoonist Jamie Smith and other local talents for live demonstrations and learn how words and pictures can tell a story. Open to the public, plus free comic books donated by the Comic Shop!
The event will be held on Saturday, May 8th from 12noon – 3pm, downtown at Forget-Me-Not Books, 517 Gaffney Road, Fairbanks (call 907-456-6212 for more information or check their website at

And hey, whaddaya know, it just so happens to fit in with the current blog theme of All Things Beaver. Like I need an excuse, but there it was. Posted here are the couple source doodles used in creating the poster and spot ad for the event, and the spiffy new Rosette Nebula image on my desktop (via NASA's Herschel Space Observatory) made for an appropriate background. Aside from all the computer colored eye-candy and hacking elements from last year's art, I still love drawing wild cartoony fonts like for the main header. Probably put one of the two designs on some tshirts for all the participating artists, which is almost as important as feeding them lunch.


  1. Hope folks'll be able to take a break from Clean Up Day to come out.

  2. Good reminder of what to do before or after the gig - not to mention picking up all the "cartoonist droppings" (wads of paper + eraser dust).