Sunday, May 10, 2009

Kablooey demo panels

Here's the two cartoons I managed to draw at the gig + scans of the accompanying ballpoint pen doodles from my sketchbook. Also posted is a screen grab from the front-page Fairbanks Daily News-Miner article about the Big Cartoon Kablooey that ran in the Sunday edition.
One can pretty much tell if I did a cartoon "live" if the borders look a little wonky; imparting a fresh, organic quality of spontaneity, otherwise known as freehanding straight lines without a ruler. Overall the drawing isn't quite up to specs, being rushed and under the spotlight, but it ain't like anyone's gonna notice any difference between these and panels that I painstakingly labor over. Whether that speaks more to the medium of cartooning or my personal ability is up for debate...

And just so everyone knows my priorities are firmly in order; I was so mortified at the above "action shot" - not of my gnawed, grubby and inkstained fingernails but the state of my old and embarrassingly beat-up nib that I ran right out and got a new set for my demo tacklebox. After all, one must keep up appearances...

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