Friday, April 2, 2010

Reign o'er me: Sovereignty

One of local Representative Mike Kelly's key platform agendas is the issue of state sovereignty. Seems to be a legislative priority since one of his prime political achievements has been the passage of a momentously inconsequential measure reaffirming Alaska's rights in the face of growing oppression and incursion from the dreaded Feds.

Along with his crucially important bill exempting firearms manufactured and kept in Alaska from federal regulation, and the formation of an even farther-right caucus than the "normal" Republican posse (check out the Interior Alaskan Conservative Coalition for a comparative example of how not-far-right-enough the current status quo is), Kelly keeps coming up with similarly useful ideas to further the agenda of the Patriotic Alaskan. You'd think someone who one the district by only four votes would strive to at least appear a bit more balanced as far as representing a true constituency.

I just can't help but think of how all this white man sovereignty stuff sounds to a bunch of folks who have a wee bit of experience with this themselves...

"Pointing out that there's a turd lying on the carpet is not the same as shitting on the carpet." – Dave Sim

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