Friday, January 29, 2010

Dan Darrow: "Eastside"

Reposted from "Leave No Monkey Behind" (and also gracing this month's issue of The Ester Republic): one of editorial cartoonist Dan Darrow's recent works. To me, this panel is by far one of his best ever - subtle and poignant, needing no caption (or for that matter any further protracted, belabored commentary).
In a spiffy case of serendipity it was juxtaposed against Richard Seifert's column in part of his continuing series "A Conspiracy of Ravens":
"If ravens could both laugh and read, what do you think would be most funny to them?"
PS: Darrow also recently achieved exposure (à la Palin) in an Alabama blog with a November posting of his classic Dominatrix as The Quitter exit panel...

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