Monday, June 22, 2009


As a bonus for Ink & Snow readers: a couple new panels that for some reason or other won't be appearing in print anytime soon... no accounting for taste.

Nothing against any of my beloved editors. No really. Besides, who the hell uses white-out anymore? Technically this is a collaboration with local artist Mark Ross (naturalist and education specialist for the Alaska Department of Fish and Game at the Creamer’s Field Wildlife Refuge) done while drawing a demonstration at the Saturday Mornings With An Artist gig. He meticulously rendered the raven dropping, even practicing a few times to ensure it looked just right. Such care and attention to details reflects the scientist in him, and it puts a veneer of legitimacy to what might otherwise be interpreted as just another poop joke.

Just for fun this one's included in the next batch of submissions to my new editor at the paper, just to make sure he's on the, eh, ball.

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