Sunday, June 7, 2009

"Saturday Mornings With An Artist"

Yesterday I volunteered again for another "Saturday Morning with an Artist" gig at the Creamer's Field visitor center: this is an educational non-profit organization promoting the migratory waterfowl refuge (in conjunction with the Alaska Department of Fish & Game) and the historical preservation of this community treasure. Having 1,800 acres in the middle of an urban setting is quite the oasis, and many folks utilize it as a resource, even if to just take the dog for a walk or pull over and scope out the Sandhill cranes over a lunch break.

I'll have to admit it wasn't the smartest scheduling decision seeing as how it followed June's "First Friday" art openings, which I enthusiastically partook in the traditional festivities. But I guess that's truth in advertising, having a slightly fuzzy and woozy artist in residence. Maybe the big sign out front that said to "meet me in the back room" was slightly weird-sounding... Nevertheless, chalked up another civic-duty opportunity to support a really important organization, peddle wares (no sales but so what) and demonstrate to the public. I got to entertain and confuse folks from Texas, California, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Massachusetts, Newfoundland, Germany and Spain; proving once again that humor is the last cultural-specific element to be translated across both international and state lines. Probably might've helped if the cartoons were funnier - it's a challenge trying to explain why I drew a musk ox Marilyn Monroe when I'm not terribly sure myself. Spent some bonus time with a biologist who actually collaborated on a cartoon that'll be posted in a day or so here and managed to learn some pretty cool science in the meantime. Also this was a dry run for setting up at the "Wild Arts Walk" on Sunday; been doing these sorts of gigs long enough that I can set up a table with tshirts, books, original art and sample sketches + demonstration materials in 15 minutes.

Here's to the hundredth post on Ink & Snow!!!

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