Sunday, May 31, 2009

Editorial: Pro-Life Terrorism

Sometimes an editorial cartoonist's job is to just remember, since most people tend to forget.

Resurrected a classic dodge from the campaign by Governor Palin. That coupled with her favorite Obama phrase (+ deliberate typo) gets new perspective juxtaposed against today's assassination of Dr. George Tiller, her indifference ("sigh") coupled with a pro-lifer's hypocritical cognitive dissonance about murdering someone who doesn't share their religious views.

Remember - we're fighting them over there so we ... uh ...

Even though there's a second interpretation where abortion providers are the terrorists, and I wouldn't be surprised to see it taken that way (I'm that cynical), no, this one in all likelihood will never see print; as from an editor's standpoint it looks like it implies her endorsing the murder, which she'll dutifully condemn along with the cheerleading death-squad of sycophant extremists.
Myself, I'm mighty fed up of the wink-wink-nudge apologists, and so draw another line.


  1. I'm Pro-life, does this make me a terrorist? NO. I'm pro-life, does this make me jump for joy because an abortionist was murdered? NO.
    I'd say 99% of pro-lifers will do calm protests, will be calm about their passionate view points, would rather try to find a common ground than fight.
    I'm not happy or joyed to see that Dr. TIller was murdered. He was a person too, just like everyone else in this world. While I don't agree with his business practice of aborting near term (24-40 week babies) babies I understand that we all have our own demons to deal with.

    Not all pro-lifers are crazy I'm a very good example of that. However there are going to be those who take their views to the next level, no matter what view that is.

    And I don't even remember seeing any report about the suspect being pro-life, so if you have seen a creditable update on the suspects stance on abortion please let me know. For all we know this could have been a would be father who's girlfriend aborted their viable baby because she was depressed.

  2. Ha! Thanks, Jamie, you made me laugh, which is the best you can do in this tragic situation.

  3. Thanks for the comment Krystal - Exhibit A in what many if not most editorial panels should do, which is shake the bushes, and hopefully push buttons so folks take a position on an issue and develop an informed opinion. Unfortunately in these times, and especially with controversial subjects like this one, the rhetoric and passions run high, but things still need to be said.
    In this case, it was specifically pointing up the lack of any unequivocal, definitive statement by Palin that says "murdering a doctor who performs abortions is not ok" *update - as of 6/2, to her credit, on her website she has done just that. Still doesn't detract from or excuse her refusal during the campaign to publically equate clinic bombers with terrorists (the underlying point of the panel and why the two events are juxtaposed against each other), which by any definition of the word, they are. And by extension, with regards to your 99% figure, I would argue based on my personal experience with protesters (including ones here in Fairbanks) that it is a common tactic is to use threatening behavior to intimidate with fear.
    Two other points I'll clarify: one is that the suspect is in fact indelibly linked with not only multiple previous clinic protests and pro-life groups (the name and number of Operation Rescue's senior policy advisor, herself convicted in 1988 of conspiring to bomb an abortion clinic, was found in the suspect's vehicle), and he is also associated with militia/freemen groups.
    Second is the testimony I've read regarding the 0.2% of abortion cases that require late-term procedures: anencephaly is one example of a fetal anomaly incompatible with life - such a situation asks for compassion and understanding, not ignorant, judgemental condemnation, and especially not assasination.
    You are absolutely correct that not everyone who is pro-life is crazy (we'll leave the category of cartoonists for another post), which I'm hoping you can seperate the point of the panel and it's intended message from such a blanket statement. But again, this is an ocupational hazard - think its safer to maybe go back to picking on the gun-nuts. Oh wait, seems that there's a little overlap now...
    Seriously though - next comment I'll post a few links for anybody curious about some more depth on this particular topic.

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