Sunday, July 7, 2024

"Non Sequitur" (w/bonus Meta)

The comedy writing technique (as opposed to the cartoon by the same name) of utilizing non sequiturs is a well known method in cartooning. It shares a lot with the closely related area of irony, and both are present in this particular panel.

As usual for a "process" post, I uploaded all the steps in creating this cartoon, from the initial doodle, which captured the initial idea, then reworking the concept into a more effective composition. The breakdown continues into penciling the panel, and then inking - including all the minute micro-tweaks (and mistakes) along the way. Finally it is scanned, edited, and digitally colored before appearing in the paper (subscription link here). Documenting these deconstructions are also useful when doing demonstrations to my drawing classes.

Speaking of which, there was an extra layer of unintended irony introduced into the piece personally when it appeared in print the very same day I just so happened to sign a contract that technically elevated me to the formal rank in academia as "professor," which was covered in more detail during yesterday's post on the subject.  But it was a brief moment of meta making the moment of insight a tad bit, well, ironic. Sometimes it's the little things, like a touch of tarragon to add another layer of appreciation and awareness of the humbling connections in life. All that being said I will still carry bear spray with me in the studio, just in case.

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