Sunday, April 14, 2024

"Alaska Prometheus"

One of the reasons I grew up as an atheist had to do with being raised (exposed) throughout my adolescence to a steady diet of two main themes: fairy tales and mythology. By the time I was taken to a fundamentalist church, I already possessed enough skepticism and independent thought to question what was being said, something the majority of family members and friends that grew up in such an environment never had the opportunity to learn about anything outside their narrow perspective - truly a Promethean undertaking. What they still suffer from is similar to the siloing effect we see currently fraying the social fabric.

And so instead of dwelling on that, let's instead take a moment of appreciation for just about anything that Ridley Scott does - in particular here, the 2012 film "Prometheus." This and "Covenant" take their places next to the Alien Quadrilogy of extended director's cuts. 

Or, you can just as easily leave trash bags in the back of your pickup truck unattended. On a more serious note, take a moment to reflect upon the life of Richard Nelson, who belongs in the same flock as David Petersen, and who taught many of us about the life of Alaskan animals such as the raven, and who I learned more about praying than from any preacher.

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