Saturday, March 23, 2024

"Baked Alaska" Doodles (One of Two)

Jump below the break and take a peak at five bonus ballpoint doodles right off the pages of the sketchbook... Only one more post after this - next Saturday at high noon!

This one hearkens waaay back to an one-page piece in the "ContrAlaska" series called "Why Santa Never Uses Mooses."

Another idle doodle infused with a festive holiday spirit. As with everything I've ever done, there's a little, ah, nugget of something here that'll no doubt get sluiced out later on - the concept of everybody in the gang wearing a suit (... except maybe for one?) is a great idea.

So far to date I think that there's has yet to be a panel spun off in the direction of a "Baked Alaska" into a "Nuggets" (though there's been a couple in the other direction). Until this one.

A two-for-one double gag, and another low-hanging fruit that'll also never see print. Well, actually,  as I've hinting at over this past few posts, stick around for a surprise sometime during 4/20... might just be enough to scrape the bowl!

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