Sunday, November 12, 2023

"Alaskan Exorcist"

I probably struggled with the proper usage of "Alaskan" than I did over the public perception of such a panel. Well, at least I dd after swapping out my initial choice for a screen grab to put on the television. Obviously mine is the much better fit, but no way it would have ever worked for the mainstream reader demographic. The legacy of the original film still casts a shadow of controversy, as gullibility in conspiracy has reflowered given the care and feeding it gets from contemporary cultish nonsense

Presumably it's an upsetting enough homage to some folks out there that even the cover of the movie will  still be enough to provoke a negative reaction to the publishing of the piece. After all, this is the era of book bannings (if not outright burnings) leaking across the nation from cesspools of fascism like Florida & Texas like a piss-stain on the Constitution.

PS: Also wanna give yet another hat-tip to all the folks behind the scenes printing the News-Miner - the quality always gives that extra little "Oooo" to viewing it on the pages of the paper down at the corner store every Sunday morning.

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