Sunday, March 26, 2023

"Sperm Bank" + Edits of the Year

Yeah this one sat right on the fence when it came to assessing the wholesome, qualitative contribution to the community (or at least in accordance with the demographics of the News-Miner's market). Tasteless, sure, and sexually suggestive, but possibly funny enough to earn that temporary reprieve from any puritanical judgement.   

Also included here a bonus process pic to post that really shows off the difference between the two stages in digital coloring: the flats, and then another, second pass at pushing the values. That includes gradations in value (+ contrast) so as to enhance the volume of the shapes, turning them into forms with a bit more solidity and substance. This is similar to the same "push your values" process taught in my Beginning Drawing studio course, regardless of using graphite or charcoal or wash to shade in our line art.

On the original doodle you can see how I quickly figured out the reversal of the signage by employing a Sharpie on the other side, so it would bleed through the flimsy copier paper.

Also here is a screen-grab of how I am "taking notes" more and more when caught without the omnipresent sketchbook. 

The watercolor wash version turned out pretty good as well, and the original sold at the recent show. There's a few more (un)appropriately related - and decidedly NSFW - panels below the fold...

I actually did this (the depicted action in the cartoon) one evening (and the drawing of it as well): shaking out the warm remains of the previous evenings libations whilst pissing off the porch. To the unaware, the mixing of the usual, ubiquitous urine stains set off against a cocktail red was absolutely alarming to see, disconcerting to say the least.

No but seriously I have absolutely no idea how commonplace a phrase this is, I only heard from a friend once in a bar a few years ago, and it stuck with me all this time. Mostly on account of my embarrassment at not only failing to step up and tsk-tsk shaming sexist commentary in public, but busting out laughing at it. Which pretty much sums up my entire young adulthood. Having been raised on a steady media diet of material that would never, ever pass morally muster today, it's a constant minefield of mistakes and subsequent apologies while navigating the current social scene.

But seriously, really - this time I mean it - wear a condom. Admittedly there is something to also be said about a little let-off, venting the pressure in a therapeutic sense (probably not the way the woo is supposed to work). And hey, for example, here's one last one because every so often even I will sit back and wonder what the hell is wrong with me. Quickly followed by a return to beaver jokes and the like. 

Honestly though, just like the content created for the Alaska Cannabist magazine's "Baked Alaska" feature, if I had a venue to outlet more material on the level of this stuff, I'd wallow away. Which is at times close to what I do with this here blog - and so I'm grateful for the outlet to showcase material that might otherwise see print. Fortunately.

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