Sunday, November 19, 2017


I got this idea while just driving around. Happens a lot, and it's pretty cool to live in a town where there are any number of establishments I can pull a pit-stop and duly record the concept in the omnipresent sketchbook. Usually involves libations of some kind, and having any number of conversations with folks. Also this works as an early Thanksgiving panel too.

h/t Houlette

Time and time again I’ve seen random, spontaneous and unfinished doodles rate far, far more popular on social media than when I post what I think is pure genius. It’s all funny. Also you know I think the reason I put those little darker pads on the bottom of their feet is has been a subconscious thing: just connected the dots and realized they be traced back to wearing footsie pajamas as a little kid. Man did I ever love the red suit I used bum around in.

Sometimes simply amazed at the random, weird + wonderful paths to ideas. It's not so much where you get them (a question which gets asked a lot) but more like it's the process, the "how" you come up with ideas that's always a marvel to me. The trick is in trusting to let go and letting the mind wander, off the leash, sometimes with absolutely with no connecting threads: the untethered mind roams, and bisociations form in the mental Jacob's Ladder.

Remember that it’s what doesn’t make sense that’s funny – so when you think about coming up with new ideas, like during a brainstorming session: stop making sense!

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