Saturday, October 28, 2017

Little Cabin of Horror

My very cool boss - one of several between the three gigs I'm working this season - down at the Alaska Public Lands Information Center (downtown in the Morris Thompson Center) asked me if I'd lend my talents to creating a couple posters for our little cabin of horrors for this year's festivities.

It's always a bonus to get to have fun and create some art while on the proverbial clock, not to mention raising a coworker from the dead (besides using my morning pot of coffee). Granted a lot of doodling happens over innumerable breaks - making art is messy as far as not staying neatly inside the lines of any external schedule or serious activity. But having a legitimate excuse to raid the supply cabinets for office supplies is an opportunity to apply one's skills in a different way besides the usual demands of an 8-5 job. Utilizing fistfuls of highlighters, scented markers, poster paints + a couple sheets of foamcore, about six hours later we had a spiffy - if not downright spooky - display ready to install at the weekend event.

Speaking of which, this is part of an annual assemblage of local businesses and organizations (spearheaded by the Fairbanks North Star Borough) that temporarily take over Pioneer Park so as to provide a safe scene for families to do some trick-or-treating.

Shades of the infamous Zombeaver, I now have a great icon for this year's Halloween, and also discovered the existence of Sharpie oil-based markers, which I'm now a huge fan of. Boo!

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