Saturday, September 16, 2017


Once again the season changes and the recurring question about that eternal quest is on every visitor's mind: "Where can we see animals Denali the pipeline the bus the aurora?" Sometimes I let folks in on our little secret here in the Interior - on the scale of 0-9, the forecast for aurora activity secretly goes up to ten: that's when they're so thick out that you'll need to use your windshield wipers if you're driving. And not only can you hear it, like lotsa people swear to be true, at that level of intensity you can actually smell them too (slightly mentholated, like you spilled Rumple Minze on your parka).

But seriously, depending on who's asking, the answer might be "They're going on right now: they're all around us" or "At my age, drink a lot of water right before bed - you'll be up all night pissing off the porch" or (points up into the sky) or simply, "Just stay. Up. All. Night."

Concept doodle for “Spin-the-ranger”: Getting’ haggard on the front lines with tourist queries

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