Saturday, May 27, 2017

Update: Fairbanks Sketchers

If it seems that I've been remiss in posting about our little group of sketchers it's largely on account of not being able to make a couple of the more recent outings. But last month I was finally able to, and it was an unusual scene as we visited the ruins of Gold Dredge #3 out in Chatanika, right across from the local lodge. In operation from 1928 - 1958, this hulking antique was hit by a fire back in 2013 - but aesthetically speaking it retains much interesting character and texture. The Fairbanks Arts Association's Literary Arts group also held their annual "Poetry at the Dredge" event at the same time, so it was wonderful to have pooches, poets and song as a cultural backdrop.

The weather was nice, excepting the brief spat of snow/hail/rain at Cleary Summit, and I was treated to the sounds of a Ruffed grouse off drumming in the woods when I moved apart from the group to get a different perspective on the setting. Patches of snow + ice were still clinging to the massive undulating piles of tailings that scar the landscape for miles in all direction, spotted throughout by the occasional dilapidated structure from another era. Well, given the massive open pits in the neighborhood, the obsession with mining riches at an obscenely destructive scale is still with us.

Meta: All related backposts are now all here under a new "Fairbanks Urban Sketchers" tag for easy perusing, plus here's a link to the group's official Facebook Event Page and the group's Flickr pool collection as well (and here's my own personal Google+ portfolio of Urban Sketches).

The next meetup is this upcoming Sunday, May 28th at the Tanana Valley State Fairgrounds for the AKC/Tanana Valley Kennel Club's annual all-breed dog show! Please remember to leash your cats...

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