Saturday, April 15, 2017

Opera Fairbanks: Run of the Valkyries 2017

Going off of last year’s concept sketch that had some salmon in the background (ultimately edited out) – went with a new idea punning off of “RUN” = The Valkyrie Salmon!
Spent a lot of time playing with this - had a swirling cascade of bubbles at one point - besides having way too much fun it also made it way too busy... so the old adage of successful design was applied: edit edit edit.
More below the fold...

Another example was the eventual deletion of a pair of crossed fishing spears (one conventional/modern one + traditional Inuit style) as it tipped the scales (sorry) into more of a fishing design than a racing one. Come to think of it, there isn’t really much of anything present – aside from the words – to indicate racing at all. Yeah but hey just look at the cool VALKYRIE SALMON.

And here’s to the prudence of proofing with clients: for some reason I typed in “5k” instead of “8k” – I mean, nine years of doing something for the same event PLUS after looking over the on-line portfolio of previous samples and still missed that one particular detail.

Also steep learning curve w/Illustrator continually crashing, and my laziness over reinstalling software, which merited a quick crash course in wrapping text around a circle using Photoshop instead. Oh hey - Photoshop humor: ever try “Transform Scale” on fish? Not to mention one variation of the salmon sporting, uh, scale armor. Have I mentioned the importance of editing already? And don't even get me started on trying to get the Left & Right Wing to cooperate with each other and balance each other out.

SO anyways, here's to the end of an era, well, a decade: retiring, moving on, taking a chance and gambling on investing time + energy into other different long-term projects. The fish rots from the head down, or only dead salmon go with the flow, etc. and so on...

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