Sunday, February 19, 2017

"The Alaska Playground"

This one's a good example of how much of a difference a slight tweak can make - and how I use the computer to make last-minute adjustments after inking a panel that could use some "post-production." Compare & contrast the really subtle shift in space in the upper-right corner of the panel: the visual breathing room opens it up (above), so as to not make for such a cramped composition (below).

We just went through (another) bout of forty-below... with a jump to thirty-something above a couple days later about Mother Nature's mood swings! Fortunately where we are living now up in the hills there's enough temperature inversion at a higher elevation to take off the bitter edge of these snaps, though the propane we use for cooking temporarily liquefied for a couple days which meant it reached -44 (its "boiling point" paradoxically).
Sometimes when it gets that cold, things. Just. Stop. Working.

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