Sunday, September 4, 2016

"AK Artist's Palette"

So here's something new: many months years ago I started ever-so-gradually incorporating both touches of wash (either watercolor or just black & white) and also more and more original doodles scanned directly from the sketchbook. Problem was, quite often the two of them combined would wind up looking kinda crappy, as the brand of sketchbook I've always used (basic Strathmore series 400, 8.5x8.5" ring-bound) was too lightweight to handle wet media, and would always buckle and warp a bit.
So I finally made the jump to a medium-weight Multi-Purpose pad instead, so as to accommodate doing more finished work in my sketchbooks. Hopefully this will ultimately close the annoying gap I've been constantly wrestling with as to which version of a panel to use, as they've all had their relative aesthetic qualities, whether wash or digital. Or maybe it's just going to simply add even more possibilities, which is always usually a good thing. Anyways I broke in the new sketchbook with this one, right on the first page.
And for those of our viewers keeping score at home, yes, all eleven of the browns are uniquely distinct (Derwent brand water-soluble pencils): brown, saddle brown, russet brown, tan, madder brown, cocoa, chestnut, bark, oak, baked earth and autumn brown (in order).

Atticus approved

Update: Apologies on missing the past two weekend postings... the summer season has been rather insane with 65+ hour workweeks AND I've moved to new digs without any internet AND also completely fried the hard-drive on the home computer... but never fear, as remedies are underway on all three accounts, and I'll have many adventures & experiences to share in forthcoming posts (not to mention funny pictures too). CHEERS!

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