Saturday, May 28, 2016

"Otto the Friendly Childhood TraumaBear"

The infamous mount on display up at the University of Alaska's Museum of the North, aka "Otto." who, at 8'9" is actually drawn pretty much to scale. Pro-tip: if you stand around long enough next to it, pretty much guaranteed that you'll wind up taking group pictures of the herds of tourists who have no compunction interrupting you. Actually it's okay once you take admission fees from them or at least sell some sketches (read more on the semesterly safari for dead, hairy animals here, here, and here).

But seriously, this scenario recalled my very first encounter in the wild with a grizzly (recounted on this post), along with pointing up the comparative irony in how there was a warning sign posted about potentially offensive artwork on display. Fortunately we shall at long last be able to carry firearms at the museum, which ought to placate the paranoid. At least it was one of the few models that I didn't have to worry about smelling like a bear while drawing it.

A reminder that this and many other whimsical images are now housed over on my Flickr folio.

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