Sunday, February 7, 2016

"Booty" + "Partial Eclipse"

Bonus leftover post from a celestial event that happened a while back: got a lot of feedback on the street from this one, mostly on account of it not being gotten. It's easy enough to understand from the perspective of someone (cough, cough) who somehow manages to wind up with this particular and peculiar point-of-view while out walking the dog. Had to be there I guess...

Given last year's restart of the Iditarod to Fairbanks in addition to the usual Yukon Quest and Open North American Championship activities which have been going on, our town is awash with the annual mushing fever.

Like a lot of my panels, this was originally done first as a doodle in the sketchbook which was consequently worked up as a demo for a classroom show & tell. And again, it's another example of debatable aesthetics as far as the comparative superiority of the digital variant over the wash.

Either way, as long as the spirit runs true, it works out in the end. Cue the horn section...


  1. Hello! I am a recreational musher in Fairbanks, AK. A friend shared a recent comic of yours out of the NewsMiner. it depicts a musher sitting in the snow with his dog driving the sled. We were wondering if it was part of a greater story or if we merely didn't catch the humor or meaning. Any insight would be appreciated! I'm enjoying your work here on your blog!

    1. Heya David - appreciate the visit + thanks for the comment: that particular panel's pretty open-ended... more of a suggestion of a story. Beyond the initial sight-gag of a simple role-reversal, it might mean a situation where the person botched up the run so bad the lead dog just took over + kicked the musher off the team. Or maybe an alpha-male gone to extreme?
      Every once in a while I get a lot of satisfaction from hearing about what one of my pieces means to someone else rather than trying to spell it all out. I've had folks laugh their butts of at something I drew and totally miss the "punchline" - I don't think that means that they "didn't get it." Or not get something really obvious (from my warped perspective), or even over-analyze a cartoon inside & out and bring it up in conversation many months later ("there's one you ran last year... what the heck was THAT about?"). Not wanting to dissect the balloon as it were - maybe sometimes there's nothing more there than a basic bad joke... or could be it just ain't funny.
      That said I find an awful lot of funny in normal, everyday things.
      Happy Tails!