Friday, December 26, 2014

Funny Faces (Caricatures)


Long a staple in my classroom curriculum, caricature is both a professional career option and a cartoonist's tool for creating characters for freelance or for fun


It's a lot less intimidating to first introduce caricature before starting any section on formal portraiture or figure drawing. I have an opening lecture which showcases the talents of Sebastian Krüger, David Levine, Al Hirschfeld, Philip Burke, Ralph Steadman, Jan Op De Beeck, Gerald Scarfe and Steve Brodner, to name a handful of current practitioners.

More often than not, just the simple act of drawing people, real, live, normal people as they look everyday, all the time, everywhere around you, results in something of a caricature. We're all pretty funny looking... I know I sure am.

Student works

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