Sunday, November 2, 2014

Nuggets in the House: The Alaska House Art Gallery

   I’m very pleased to now be officially represented by The Alaska House Art Gallery (website here and Facebook page here) in downtown Fairbanks: along with some framed pieces on display, there are also original works available for sale plus the full catalog of my books.
   Besides being one of the only three major galleries remaining open in the Interior (the other two being the Bear Gallery and Well Street Art Co.), The Alaska House is one of the oldest in the state and, prior to a brief hiatus, the longest in continuous operation. Originally opened in 1960, the gallery moved into its current home in 1964, a beautiful structure built in 1939 of rock + “hand-hewn logs, oak floors and leaded windows” right in the heart of downtown Fairbanks. Inside this venerable institution of the arts is an aesthetic and cultural smörgåsbord of delightful collections “exhibiting Alaska Native and resident artists, paintings, artifacts, carvings and sculpture, masks, fabric art and hand-crafted jewelry.” (Fairbanks Daily News-Miner 8/10)

   It is also a repository for the legacy and work of Claire Fejes, one of the significant artists in Alaskan history: “an original and formidable talent” and “one of the rare female voices reflecting the woman’s side of Arctic society.” Alaska House Art Gallery is owned and operated by her daughter Yolande and Ron Veliz, whose hospitality and knowledge makes any visitor feel welcome and at home. Being picked up by these folks is a humbling advancement in my personal career as an artist and I look forward to future opportunities from this creative liaison.