Saturday, August 24, 2013

Recap: Cartoon & Comic Art Class 2013

The only thing in the whole world that has the power to distract cartoonists from pizza + homemade creampuffs.

     Last weekend saw the official release party for the Cartoon & Comic Art class' group publication (and two supplemental volumes by independent students), fittingly enough hosted by The Comic Shop in Fairbanks. This was the seventh annual course offering through UAF Summer Sessions at both the Beginning and Advanced levels, and it was an outstanding success. Throughout the six-week session the class met for three hours a night (6-9pm) Monday through Thursday, and we had a diverse range of interests and skill sets enrolled along with a good balance of gender and age.
     Also on display in the art department showcases were hundreds of examples of the in-class exercises and work-in-progress by the Advanced students: this veritable avalanche of output was evidence alone of the impressive passion that these people devoted to their craft. I am always humbled and inspired by these classes and the amazing students, and hope to continue to see everybody's work in the future ...whether it be on-line, in a gallery or in a print publication (or better yet, all three).

Output: Not even a third of the student work wallpapering the department halls.

Join me below the fold to check out some excerpted samples from their final pages + a few of the collaborative pages, and the best of the strips and gags that were printed in the comic book. Tomorrow's post will be a special soptlight on the visiting artists who came to do show & tells for this class: See you all in the funny pages!

Artwork: Kjol Johnson and Taylor Cole
Artwork: Pavat Komkai, Chaweinta Hale and Ian Holladay
Artwork: Aaron Andrews, Christopher Johnston and Ava Williams
Collaborative Pages
Artwork: Chaweinta Hale and Ava Williams
Artwork: Pavat Komkai and Aaron Andrews
Artwork: Taylor Cole, Christopher Johnston, Ian Holladay
Artwork: Kjol Johnson, Aaron Andrews, Ian Holladay
Artwork: Brittney Tabone, Ava Williams and Christopher Johnston
Artwork: Brittney Tabone and Trisha Widmeyer

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