Saturday, January 19, 2013

"Noir-th to Alaska"

This one was super fun to do - all the way from the doodle stage through digital. One aspect (mulled over here before) that I wondered over was how much longer - if is isn't too late already - one can get away with using cursive. Regardless of the challenge to make one's own hand-writing legible, the craftmanship is irrelevant if nobody knows what the marks even mean anymore.
I'm reminded of how Interior Alaska is marketed through the USA Job's Federal postings: "Summers are fabulous... Winters can be exhilarating with temperatures reaching -40 degrees F."


  1. My take on the exhilaration of 40 below (hazy 15-year-old memory):

    1. Trudge outside to start and warm up the car. "Whoo! Cold this morning! 40 below! What a trip!"

    2. Drive to UAF campus in comfortable warmth. "40 below! What's the big deal?"

    3. Trudge from parking lot a half-mile to class. "Motherf$@#! This is f$%*@ cold!!"

    Whether or not "exhilarating" is the right word, that extreme cold is certainly memorable.

    Now, asked if I'd rather make that walk to class at 40 below with no wind or 10 above with a gentle breeze, I'll pick 40 below without a second thought.

  2. You pegged it with the choice there - nothing "gentle" about a breeze at ten above.
    Then again I might have reached the stage where I'll complain about any temperature or weather condition in any location...
    Especially at forty-below like when a car passes by right next to you - brief wind-chill of something like three-hundred-below (that's an approximation and not the scientific measurement).
    What I love is how quickly the extremes are forgotten, as in a hazy fifteen day memory. "Hey... this ain't so bad!"