Sunday, December 2, 2012

Brrr... Beavers Ripped My Flesh ("The Mothers of Inversion")

In remembrance of the anniversary of his passing, here's a parody of a relatively obscure but classic album cover originally created by American artist & illustrator Neon Park (more examples of his work here + here).

To me, Zappa represented a pivotal confluence of musicianship together with an articulate intelligence, critical irreverence and hilarity. He occupied the same strata as the alt/indy/underground cartoonists that were dovetailed into my blossoming awareness back in highschool. Also his testimony before the US Senate PMRC hearings remains legendary as a passionate defense of creative freedom.

And, just like with the aforementioned underground cartoonists, he was an example of consummate skill at his chosen medium, flawless and visionary in his art, yet simultaneously funny as hell. Aside from the signature Joe's Garage release, Zappa's instrumental guitar solos can usually be heard coming from the studio at some point during the month.

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