Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Fastidious & Diligent: Entertaining Spam + Meta

I just recently commented to another blogger on how the "cleanup on isle one" approach applies when debating whether or not to purge the comments from trolls. I always maintain that is ain't "censorship" when you have to pick it up off your own lawn.

Some annoying formatting issues aside, the Blogger platform seems to be doing a stellar job at screening out the chaff, but more of it has been popping up in my email inbox before getting filtered at the website level. Some of it is probably funnier than my own stuff:
"Јust desire to say Blоgger: Ink & Snоw iѕ as surpriѕing. The clarity for your publish is ѕimply ѕpectacular аnd i could suppose уou're an expert on this subject.
Fine along with your permission let me to clutch your feed to keep up to date with drawing close post."
Thank you, but I really don't let strangers clutch my feed. 
As far more meta regarding the blog, the “Alaska Manatee” has for some mysterious reason eclipsed “Turbid North” the all-time popularity of pageviews (1075 as of this posting).

Those are followed by the posts on coloring Captain America, Marilyn Muskox and “Don’t Retweet, Reload.” Also January of this year saw the highest peak in unique visitors with over 7k dropping by, and around a couple hundred still checking in daily. Surely modest compared to the main on-line entities in Alaska blogging, but being the comparative underdog fits my style just perfect. 
As always, appreciate the eyeballs - and here's hoping it's worth a few chuckles at least (story of my life).

Finally, on a side-note: I'll be scaling back the postings so as to devote more resources into a couple other new projects (which will in turn appear on the blog later on in the season). Eventually the new pace for Ink & Snow will loosely follow a weekend-only Fr/Sat/Sun rhythm of essay/cartoon/sketch, which will enable regular readers me to better focus on work during the week, instead of spending time on-line. In theory that's the rationale motivating my own revamped schedule heading into another Interior winter... when the creative pipes slowly freeze, then burst.


  1. Spammers have selected one of my older Citizen Rider posts as a fruitful site for their graffiti. I haven't had anything as interesting as a pitch for vagina tightening cream.

    Good luck with the creative winter. Each season that comes seems to offer new opportunities.

    "Angry turds" Heh-heh! Heh-heh! Heh-heh!

  2. Thanks... as is normal during our winters on the tundra, all sorts of activity goes on under the snowpack.
    That and the other extreme: creative torpor.