Saturday, May 7, 2011

"Barad-dûr Harbor"

Another "Middle New England" panel: Lord of the Lighthouse. I'll post the color wash version sooner than later, since I have to get a big batch of originals ready for display at next weekend's MeCAF gig.
Spent entirely too much time on this panel, mostly the hour+ sucked into computer coloring. First went way too far overboard with special effects and cool Photoshoppy filters, and another trying to incorporate actual atmospheric textures directly from screen-grabs of the film, before trashing everything and starting over with something simpler. That happens a lot in art (at least mine): overcompensation is overkill - especially if it's just a damn joke. 
Uploaded a sample page from the sketchbook with the ballpoint pen doodle, plus a hint of the Neptune gags that are fermenting...

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