Monday, November 22, 2010

WTF November: Rain O'er Me

“What about the time you were rollin’ over
Fell on your face – you must be havin’ fun”
– Talking Heads (“Slippery People”)

So for the first time in over eight years of teaching I have actually canceled a class; a proactive command decision based on extremely hazardous weather conditions that are making travel a near impossibility what with the freak winter storm that's bringing down rain, in late November. Might not seem to be much to my folks from around the Buffalo region, but hey - I've held class at forty-below zero before, so there.
This has effectively paralyzed the community, since its freezing upon contact with the roads, the trees, powerlines, irate cats etc. - and the forecast is calling for more of the same over the next two days. There's an inch of ice on the Parks Highway - a subtle reminder what a tenuous grip on our standards of civilization we maintain up here in the hinterland.
Fairbanks, Alaska: the only place I've ever lived where everything shuts down because it's too warm...
Put it this way: when I walked out to the road I not only fell on my arse, but had to crab-crawl over to the side into the ditch just to make it back up the incline. The insane dude who showed up to plow my driveway had trouble even in his diesel behemoth, outfitted with chains no less. The irony is I've been marooned in the cabin for a couple days already with an impassible driveway, and now there's still no freakin' way I'm getting out. Add to the hilarity I've been caught with my pants down as far as food stores: since I'm packing to move and been too busy to restock the past few days, I'm looking at some rice, Ramen, a box of crackers, two cans of green beans and a bag of potatoes.

At least the crucial supplies were prioritized - cat food, catnip, and most importantly (in a one-room cabin): cat litter. 
We can make it. Fimbulvetr anyone?

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