Sunday, November 7, 2010


So I met this puppy the other day, a "Cavalier King Charles Spaniel." He's currently attending obedience classes, but with a face like that I'd maybe last five minutes before being thoroughly trained. Just ask my cats who's boss around the cabin.

And don't use this image as a screen-saver, as it will really start to weird you out after being stared at for a couple hours. Just like the cats.  
Must... clean... litterbox... now...


  1. Thanks, Jamie, for posting this on your blog. Chester does have us well trained. We hung a bell for him to ring when he needs to go out. Now he rings it whenever he's bored because he knows that we will jump up when the bell rings! Who can deny anything to such a sweet, sad face?
    (He did get yelled at for chewing my shoes...)

  2. At least your shoes are tasty - for some strange reason dogs always try to bury mine...

  3. PS: James Gurney had also just put up a pooch on his incredible blog:

  4. Chester graduated from obedience school yesterday and earned his Puppy STAR certificate. Yay Chester!

  5. That definitely calls for steak...
    and a pair of shoe chew-toys...

  6. He is spoiled with chew toys. The floor is littered with chew toys and I buy more every time I go to PetCo.