Sunday, November 14, 2010

Contesting Reality

Another take on the continuing efforts from the Miller campaign to stave off his impending loss by bringing lawsuits and attempting to render votes from Alaskan citizens ineligible though contesting their ballots on completely irrational and utterly insane grounds.

This panel ran in yesterday's issue of the Fairbanks Daily News-Miner, and is part of a recent bout with creative bulimia over the post-election fiasco I underwent: producing a dozen cartoons in a few days, loosely centered around the same theme. The problem with this is how quickly the issues fade from current events, and if you miss the bandwagon, an editorial cartoon quickly loses relevance and is about as funny and flavorful as a wad of old, chewed-over gum left under the drafting table. Hence the judicious release of a few selected panels here, some to the Miner, and a whole bunch for upcoming issues of the Ester Republic (reserve your copy now). Juggling who gets what, when, where and why, is a task usually foisted off on publishers, agents and syndicates, but ensconced deep in the cabin out in the woods, it's my call to make whether or not any particular panel gets out to an appropriate venue in time. Needless to say I have quite the stack of editorial left-overs that tried to cover possible contingencies that never panned out, chalk 'em up as mulch for future material... sure to sprout up in this fertile political landscape.

"Some is more equal than others, as is well known. It ain't that your majority is outnumbered, 
you're just out-surrounded." - Tammananny Tiger (Walt Kelly)

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