Wednesday, November 24, 2010

AK Drivers (More Bananas)

Drawn up from the doodle posted Monday. Appropriate enough dealing with all the holiday turkeys on (and off) the road during the Interior's Icepocalypse.
Be safe, slow down - not just the eating - and have a great weekend! 


  1. ...but, Jamie, it is drivers like this who keep us in business.

    We often hear, as the vehicle is being towed after going into the ditch and often rolling, "I have 4 wheel drive and I was only driving the speed limit."

  2. As in "all-wheel drive" too: ALL my wheels went off the road!
    That said, my first car in Alaska was a Datsun 610 station wagon with REAR wheel drive: I earned my nickname at work by getting pulled out of ditches about once a week (rhymes with "ditch trucker").

  3. I drive a tiny Scion xA with only front wheel drive. I have no clue how I've avoided falling into a ditch. My mantra while driving has been "I'll die when I'm good and ready" E_E;;

  4. Well, there's just no accounting for driving skill. Or staying outta the OTHER person's way.
    Though I briefly got to run errands on those spiffy Blizzaks. I was a leaf in the wind...
    Probably the best lesson from this week was the skill at staying home: my mantra would be "I'll drive when I'm good and ready"...