Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Hannah Foss

Here's a special solo post spotlighting the work of Hannah Foss, who was one of the advanced students enrolled in the summer session Cartoon & Comic Art class. At that level one is pretty much on autopilot, save for constant consultation and review, with the assumption that both productivity and caliber of work is above-average, and disciplined enough to follow through. And in this case, the additional expectations were all above & beyond, as she exemplified the drive that will power her into wherever she wants to go after here.

Foss came to America from Australia a couple years ago to study animation, and wound up in Alaska, where she is pursuing a BFA here at UAF, majoring in digital art/sculpture. It's a rare talent indeed to have the pleasure of seeing such quality work in action, prodigious output well in advance of deadline, and in addition to the load, pulling off an exceptional 8-page minicomic of her own. Looking forward to following her works in whatever form they appear, static or otherwise: regardless of the particular medium it'll be well worth reading or watching.

For much more of Hannah's work, check out her inkydragon site on DeviantArt.

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