Thursday, June 17, 2010

GBG Study

“Landscape is to American painting what sex and psychoanalysis 
are to the American novel.” – Robert Hughes

This could pretty much be a repost from yesterday: same drill, different location. 
In fact... 

"Went with the drawing class to Creamer's Field Georgeson Botanical Garden on the annual field-trip expedition. Despite overcast conditions and the occasional sprinkle the weather held off (and the wind held off the mosquitoes) long enough to get some reference sketches done on various aspects for the upcoming landscape critique. Me, I always think about how the birds flowers must feel always having to put up with the omnipresent herds of eco-voyeurs tourists monitoring their every move. Remixing compositional elements stuff for the fore/mid/background depth and experimenting with different textures, foreshortening, overlapping etc. Besides a great community resource for local artists gardeners, these outings are a nice break from the routine excuse and a chance to escape the classroom." 

“I want to do drawings which touch people... In figure or landscape I should wish to express, not sentimental melancholy, but serious sorrow.”Vincent van Gogh

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