Sunday, February 3, 2019

Edit: "AK RBF"

So yeah, that's a no. A good example of a panel that sits just over the line insofar as community standards of decency. As covered elsewhere on the blog, ubiquitous terms such as "hell" are now given a pass in polite society, but this double entendre woulda ruffled to much fur as it were.

I did a custom edit on the caption in the meantime, and then another - even shorter caption - when I was clued in on the acronym that works just as well with anybody who's in on on to begin with (another very slender slice of the Venn diagram between print media vs internet culture). Then a couple weeks before uploading it another similar meme made the rounds with the same concept. This happens a couple times a year maybe, and several other times there will be a variation on an old joke I drew a long ago that goes viral. As I frequently remind my students, you never have to ever worry about originality - even if the idea is the same - if own it + you make it yours.

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