Sunday, December 23, 2018

Xmas 2018 (+ 2017/1990 bonus!)

There's nothing like drinking Genny Creams for breakfast, nine months before today, and thinking about whether or not at some point over the intervening days you die but your pre-programmed blog posts keep on appearing as scheduled. Weird.

This panel is now our households official annual Xmas card, along with an insert of next week's design. So bright & cheerful to lighten up what for many is a dark time of the year.

Here's a bonus peak at the process (better explained in painstaking detail here) behind using water-soluble pencils for a watercolor wash on the original pen + ink piece.

This year's festive offering is an extension of the festive carnage from 2017, which I totally neglected to upload at that time, so, here you go dear reader... a bonus xmas gift for you + your loved ones.

But wait - that's not all: here's a little something from back in 1990, before I learned how to color in. Really need that red...

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