Sunday, December 9, 2018

"Sourdough Rise"

My sense of humor is headed right down the toilet

Many years ago now, my current editor at the newspaper told me to "push the envelope." Recently I just had my first-ever dick joke published, groundbreaking even if not graphic in the slightest way. Continuing on with mining in this risqué vein is this piece - another peripherally punny penile panel.

What was of interest to me was the compositional arrangement of speech balloons and the deliberate placement of them so as to visually imply a specific, internal verbal "reading" of dialogue. This is an example of how even a single-panel cartoon can rank as a work of sequential art, either in the traditional sense of the definition (debatable at best) as coined by Eisner, and calcified with the McCloud variation that needlessly restricts the form to sequenced images utilizing the closure of panel borders ("narrative hegemony"), or the postmodern fluidity of form as best expressed in contemporary comics poetry.


  1. I subscribe to the theory, "Is it funny? Does it get the point across? Good." And this is good.