Sunday, August 5, 2018

Edits: "Discount Bin" + "Man Buns"

Looks like I'm on roll here with yet another "Edits" post. Now to be sure, these were self-edited: not on account of anything vulgar, just tasteless in context.

Meaning when I originally drew them, some truly tragic events occurred right in the community, and so I opted to pull them from the publication pipeline. Well, definitely this one:

Prudence aside, my own personal history of bear encounters when out alone in the wilderness, and while hiking with others, certainly has informed and inspired a first-hand perspective on such hairy encounters, to be sure.

In other words, file these under first-hand experiences tempering my own twisted method of therapy. Added to the heap of material that will get kickstarted into a collection of off-color panels done over the years.

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