Sunday, June 17, 2018


Been a few years since we lost ol' Bird-Dog, and there's been many, many more family, friends and folks who have had to say goodbye to their critters and companions since then. I get more emotional mileage out of the Rainbow Bridge cartoon than ever it seems. A while ago someone asked me how I deal with it, and one of the qualifiers was that you never really do - as evidenced by a random memory from way outta left field that just comes up and pokes you in the heart. Like not having a certain somebody around anymore to take care of clean-up after a meal. Hey, it was like having an organic dishwasher in the cabin.

Viewers might notice the series of suspicious vertical streaks across the sketch posted above: either somebody was trying to climb up onto the drawing board (the angle of which usually preempts such activity) or it's an editorial comment about dogs.
Hmm... now I wonder who that could have been?

"Oh hai there... whaca dooin'?"

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  1. Every time a cat pukes on the floor I say, "We need a dog."