Sunday, March 25, 2018


Though my beard has been lengthening somewhat as of late, it's nowhere near bushy enough to provide cover for the kitties. It does double as a cat toy at times, not to mention meriting the occasional grooming session.

This shows the mental stepping-stone between a doodle in the sketchbook to the finished panel, which was, well, also a sketchbook doodle in this instance. Or in this instance below, which was unearthed on an archeological dig through old sketchbooks looking for another concept doodle. Times like this I doubt myself: am I losing it? Have I drawn that many over the years that I'm just forgetting them, and repeating myself like some guy with early onset dementia that thinks he's funny? Sad.

Actually I have a pretty sharp recollection of everything I've done a completed piece of - it's the doodles that keep oozing out from underneath everything that start to clog up the sysytem. Maybe it's time for another reboot like Maine and Georgia were sytem resets.

Also here's one of the many little visual commentaries I leave on-line as a comment with regards to something or other.

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