Saturday, February 24, 2018

Marveling at the Hype

Exhibit “A” in the difference between alternative independent comics + the clueless corporate mainstream = somebody at Marvel Comics is having a sad. Then again, them and DC are two sides of the same coin when it comes to diversity issues. Hopefully the execs will find a big enough cape to wipe the egg of their faces...

Been over all of this many times before, but still bears repeating how interesting it is too be getting sick & tired of the same old stupidass superhero shtick now for the second time in my life. Explosions, wow. Special affects, oooh. Insert chase sequence. Add another fight scene. Big + dumb = franchise fatigue. That covers both the printed page and the silver screen.

Another hilarious and ironic observation recently made was the equally amazing accolades Wonder Woman made at the box office, both critically + financially hammering home the message that appealing to half the population might be a savvy marketing strategy in the future. Note: while watching it I kept having the nagging suspicion that underneath the, um, super-ficial facade, the aesthetic was yet another predictable, formulaic blockbuster, like a regurgitated Zack Snyder fanboy fetish (turns out he was one of the writers and producers, so yeah).

My favorite part of 90% of the movies seen these days

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