Sunday, February 11, 2018

"Effective Versus Affective"

What with all of Mother Nature's mood swings (recently from thirty-five degrees above to thirty-five below) coupled with the onset of S.A.D. here's the perfect illustrated difference between the two extremes. Kinda sums up some folks' behavior in our neck of the woods, or maybe that's just while out & about just driving around.

Like an awful lot of material as of late I don't have any accompanying doodles, as more + more panels are appearing on the page straight from the sketchbook. The only editing that really happened here was switching from a vertical composition (the two panels stacked on top of each other) to a more print-friendly horizontal format.


  1. I turn into an asshole just from having to spend months as a motorist. No doubt this is exacerbated by factors of darkness and other pressures during my solitary winters.

    1. Hey you'd fit right in up in this neck of the woods!