Sunday, July 16, 2017

"That's Dope" + "Mutheeto Theethon"

Yet another invention (patent pending) of mine which'll make me a millionaire. Well, quicker than the art will at any rate. The iconic and ubiquitous Pic mosquito repellent coils release a signature scent that triggers latent memories of barbecues and parties on many a cabin porch.

I removed removed an initial caption: "Now that's dope," as in so dope, dope fresh, dope ass, dope AF, dope sauce et al. Like alotta times you just feel like a dope the next day - "what was I thinking?"

Now there's a thing called a “Photonic Fence.” Hmmm. Not exactly sure how I feel about this technology… pretty wild + weirdly horrifying at the same time. From Wired UK: The "target validation algorithm" detects potential pests w/in a 100-metre range, assesses the insect's shape, size, airspeed, acceleration and wing-beat frequency, then zaps up to 20 insects per second in the kill zone.” I mean, what could possibly go wrong in Alaska? Haven't we heard this scenario before?
Ripley: “How many?” Hicks: “Can’t tell. Lots” Hudson “IT AIN’T STOPPIN’ THEM!”

Then there's another commonplace occurrence that's a sure sign of the Interior, where the windows are cracker enough for a dog to hang its head outside and catch some wind. Is that like speed-reading for them? Always reminds me of some serious swarms of lovebugs while living in Georgia, though nothing will ever top the experience of having to pull over repeatedly on a cross-country trip: after crossing into North Dakota we hit a mass bug hatching of midges that smeared the truck with a poultice of goo.

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